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David and Michele Turner


David and Michele Turner share a passion to see young people succeed in both college and career. This vision was birthed from David’s years of working in both pastoral ministry and education as a college professor as well as Michele’s work coaching and counseling foster youth at a group home and outpatient facility in California. They have seen first hand how the transformative power of education and mentoring can combat trauma, poverty, and addiction and set at-risk youth on a pathway of success. Although their work began in Southern California, the vision to found Restored For More as a non-profit that targets young people and families in urban areas is what has led them to Saint Louis. Through these initiatives, they believe cycles of poverty, crime, and addiction will break and St. Louis will be economically and socially restored.

Jenn Burris


Jenn Burris has served in both private and public education for over 15 years as a teacher, teacher-mentor, curriculum developer and academic instructional coach. Since serving in St. Louis schools for the last 7 years, she has seen first-hand the effects that poverty, equity, and trauma have had on student achievement and how under-prepared schools are to meet the needs of youth in urban areas. As an instructional coach and mentor teacher, she has developed a passion to come alongside schools and families to support and encourage youth to reach their full potential.

“I want to give every child the same opportunities I was given to be successful in life. I believe all children can be taught to read. I believe not all children blossom at the same time and if we can continue to give the instruction needed at the right time we will be there to see that child learn to read.

Michele Turner (Founder)
Our passion is to give youth vision for their future success.

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