You Were Made For More

Restored For more is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We exist to help youth from at-risk communities break the cycle of poverty, crime, and addiction by inspiring them with vision, empowering them with skills, and supporting them on their path to success in the the St. Louis metro area and beyond.

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Our Initiatives

We believe through these efforts we will prevent crime, break the cycle of poverty and addiction, and see individuals, families and cities economically, relationally, and spiritually lifted starting in Saint Louis and beyond.

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School Site Support Programs

After School Programs to Inspire Youth with a Vision

Coaching and Mentoring Programs for College and Career Success

Why Our Work Matters

Only nineteen percent of schools in the St. Louis metro area have 50% or more of their students meeting state standards in reading and math. Schools where students are not meeting standards are struggling to prepare students to be successful in life. We want to come alongside and support schools, families, and young people in the St. Louis metro area to be successful and find purpose.

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